How To Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT Without PC Via Magisk [Working]

How To Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT Without PC Via Magisk

Rooting a gadget might not be beneficial at times, but when you carry out this process with specific devices, you can genuinely unlock their full potential by this. There is one such device we have for you today: Xiaomi Poco X3 GT.

Xiaomi devices have received a lot of praise for their user-friendly interface, clean look, and brilliant features. The Xiaomi Poco X3 GT is a smartphone that deserves all this praise because this addition by Xiaomi into their line of smartphone has been nothing short of a masterstroke.

Today, we have compiled five different methods in this tutorial, where we will be guiding you on how to Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT with or without your PC. We’re mentioning the method without using a PC because most people prefer to root the phone directly instead of connecting it to their PC, downloading multiple external files, and going through the entire rooting process. Those who prefer using their PC prefer to go through the technical details of rooting to make sure they’re making the right decision for their device. In this case, it is the Xiaomi Poco X3 GT.

About the Device / Specification

Why Root? What is the meaning of Rooting Your Device?

Rooting is explained in basic terms isn’t as simple as many people turn it out to be. Rooting doesn’t mean the “Root” of a tree at all. Here the concept lies with the rooting of your Android device, which we shall be rooting by a range of different methods. Rooting your Android smartphone means that you provide or give authority or, in mobile terms, “Administrator Privileges” to your device’s hardware. These devices, such as the smartphones and tablets that we have, are limited in their power and capacity with the operating system. Once you root your device, you can do whatever you like with the device.

As for the Xiaomi Poco X3 GT, once this smartphone is rooted, it will open a plethora of functions to you, which you can put to use and customize the software of this device according to your liking where you can add or remove programs and applications at will.

Pros/Advantages of Rooting

After you root your device, you can carry out customization of your device as per your liking. This includes installation of custom ROMs, removing factory-installed bloatware, blocking ads that come with apps, updating your phone to a new Android version, installing incompatible apps by altering the settings of the operating system, changing the appearance of the phone entirely with settings that aren’t built into the phone, change the skin of the phone, boost battery life, and android system speed, add external storage, and much more. All of this is made possible just by the simple process of rooting, and your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT smartphone is going to go through just this process when we begin to explain it in just a while.

Cons/Disadvantages of Rooting

The positives aren’t all that is when you are going to root your smartphone. The process of rooting comes with cons as well. The most significant disadvantage is that your phone’s warranty will be void when you plug it into the root. This is because the device manufacturer ships unrooted and locked devices. Furthermore, if something tends to go wrong, your device might be bricked when rooting the device.

Becoming brick will mean that your once useful device is now as useful as a brick and nothing more. A bricked phone is unresponsive, won’t power on, and doesn’t function normally like a regular phone. So, if you ever come across a bricked phone or, better yet, if you decide to root your phone and then get it bricked, better to throw that phone or device away because it isn’t going to be of use to anyone.

Manufacturers also provide updates on a device if the device is unrooted. Once your device is rooted, it will no longer be secure because it won’t be getting the official firmware updates from the phone’s manufacturer. This is going to make your phone full of lag, unresponsive at times, and no time; its software is going to be outdated.

As we’ve discussed the matter of rooting and compared the pros and cons side-by-side, we can very clearly see that the process of rooting isn’t a walk in the park. Instead, when you root your phone, you will have to live with the consequences that your phone might be bricked anytime. So the moment you root your phone, you will need to be with your prayers to make sure something doesn’t go wrong in it because after it is rooted, there are great chances of this happening.

How to Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT

We shall move on to the central part of the concern, which is how to root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT with several different methods. There are several methods, and you can choose any of them which you think will suit you best. Before you begin rooting, make sure to read each of the methods carefully.

How To Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT Without PC / Without TWRP

Method 1: Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT With KingRoot

  1. The first method that we have is rooting your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT using KingRoot. KingRoot is an app that is your one-stop for rooting Android devices. With KingRoot, you can root your Android device in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.
  2. The first thing you will need to do is download the latest version of the KingRoot APK and once the downloading is complete, proceed to install it. If an ‘installation blocked‘ prompt is received due to your Android system, then take it as a reminder that you haven’t approved the “Installing apps from unknown sources” option other than Google Play.
  3. To give this permission to your phone, go to your settings and then allow your phone to download apps from unknown sources because that is the only way you will download this APK file and then install it.
  4. Once the installation of this APK file is complete, click the ‘Open’ button to start the KingRoot app. Tap on the ‘Try It‘ button to access the main interface, and then click on the ‘Get Now’ button to begin the rooting process. The rooting process might take a minute or so, so you need to be patient. This is the reason why we have used KingRoot because the APK files on KingRoot are quickly accessible and executable, and they are free from any bugs or spam.
  5. Finally, once the rooting process is complete, you will receive a notification that your device has been “Rooted Successfully.” This is how easy it is to use KingRoot! The next thing you need to do is return to the main KingRoot interface screen to check out the newest interface of your rooted phone. That is not all, though, as we’re now moving to our second method.

Method 2: Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT With KingoRoot

  1. The second method involved in rooting our Xiaomi Poco X3 GT is the rooting of this device with KingoRoot, another APK file we shall be using. This is similar to KingRoot in its feature and almost the same in the name as well!
  2. Nevertheless, to kick things off on KingoRoot, first, you will need to download the APK for this file. Remember to download the latest version. After which, you will be installing it.
  3. If a Google Chrome warning or operating system warning appears on the screen about ‘KingoRoot.apk‘ or ‘Installation Blocked,’ then simply click on the unblock option. After this, go to settings, then security, installation blocked, and uncheck the button stating installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. Then click on ‘Okay to proceed further to install KingoRoot.apk on your Xiaomi device.
  4. After this, follow the instructions on the screen to install the KingoRoot app on your device. Once the installation finishes, all you need to do is click on the launch button of the KingoRoot app and once you enter the interface, click on the ‘One-Click Root‘ option to start rooting your device. This is going to take a few seconds to complete and display the result on the screen. Voila! That is pretty much it; KingoRoot has finally gotten through to your Android smartphone and has rooted it in the perfect way possible. That is all you need to do to have your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT smartphone rooted by KingoRoot.

Method 3: Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT With Magisk

  1. The third method that we have is the rooting of your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT with Magisk. Magisk is a tool that can help you root your Android device. The first thing we’ll have to do is download the latest version of the Magisk app, which you will find on its website as ‘’ The reason we’re stressing on the latest version is for root access on your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT directly which is going to be beneficial for your device.
  2. The next step is to boot your device into the ‘Recovery Mode‘ where you have to press the Volume Down and the Power Button together until the boot animation shows up on your screen. After this, tap on ‘Install‘ then locate the ‘‘ file you downloaded earlier and select the file downloaded. After that, tap on the option of ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash.
  3. You successfully managed to root your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT with the Magisk application, which was relatively easy, wasn’t it? It will take a few moments for this flash to complete the installation process, but once it is completed, click on Reboot, and that is pretty much it! Relatively This is probably one of the easiest methods on the list of methods given to root your smartphone.

Method 4: Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT With SuperSU

  1. The fourth method that we have on rooting your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT without using your PC is with SuperSU. SuperSU root is a well-known root-only application that comes in a particular security frame to manage app permissions. This app is going to help you get the finest rooting for your Android device without any hassle.
  2. First, download the latest version of the ‘‘ file, which is required to gain root access on your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT device. Next, boot the device into its ‘Recovery Mode,’ and as discussed in the previous method, this is done by pressing the Volume Down and Power Button at the same time until the boot animation is displayed on the screen.
  3. Then, navigate to the ‘‘ file and then select the file named, after which you can simply tap on ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash.’ After this step, you will be shown an option of installing this file. You will comply by clicking on ‘Install‘. It will take a few moments for you to complete the installation process. Once the entire process is completed, all you will need to do is reboot your phone so that the root integrates entirely into your phone.
  4. Congratulations! You have finally rooted your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT smartphone using SuperSu, and that brings us to the end of how you can root your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT smartphone without a PC or external device. All you need to do is use your phone directly as you download the file in your phone and then install it. Almost all of the methods mentioned followed the same course.
  5. Nonetheless, it is not over yet because we are bringing one final method to root your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT and, this time, using your PC! That’s right, the users who were desperately waiting for us to give them a method to use their PCs in the rooting process can now finally sharpen their ears as we bring them the method where they can root their Android smartphone using their personal computer. Let us begin.

How to Root Xiaomi Poco X3 GT With PC

  1. The final method with which you can root your Android smartphone is here, and it involves using your PC. First of all, you will need to enable the Developer Options on the Xiaomi Poco X3 GT. You will be doing that by navigating to settings then going into the about phone option, after which you will tap on build number about 5-7 times. There will then come a pop-up mentioning that you can now access Developer Options on this smartphone. Then go back to the previous screen and enable USB debugging because you will be connecting your smartphone to your PC.
  2. Next, you will connect your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT smartphone with your computer using your USB cable. This connection will require a standard USB cable whose smaller end will go into your smartphone while the more significant part goes into your PC.
  3. The next step is to download KingoRoot software on your PC from the website and then install the application on your computer. This link will be super easy to find as you only need to search the name of KingoRoot on Google, and the first link will be the link to the main website.
  4. After you’ve installed KingoRoot, click on the KingoRoot icon on your desktop. Once the software opens, connect the phone quickly to the PC, after which a prompt is going to appear on the screen. On this prompt, you will tap ‘Okay.’ During this time, do not try to remove the USB cable anyhow! Once the system recognizes your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT smartphone, all you will need to do is tap on ‘Root .’ After that, it will simply take a few minutes to complete the rooting process.

Before you know it, that is all you had to do because now you can pat yourself on the back. You have successfully rooted your Xiaomi Poco X3 GT smartphone using your PC!


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